Are you new to eLearning?

Need a step-by-step guide to help you create amazing, result-oriented eLearning courses?

Need checklists and templates to ensure you included everything your learners need?

Or, maybe you just have a low budget and need to find a free tool to create your eLearning course?

I got you covered!

In this FREE eLearning kit, you'll find:

  • The exact roadmap to start designing successful eLearning courses

  • 180+ Free eLearning tools eBook

  • A checklist to help you determine if eLearning is the right solution

  • A complete workbook to help you conduct a learner needs analysis

  • A complete workbook to help you plan your eLearning games

  • A worksheet to help you determine the type of job aid your course needs

  • A quality assurance checklist

  • As well as the implementation phase checklist!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Roadmap for Designing ELearning

    • Creating Online Courses: Your roadmap for designing Elearning

  • 2

    180+ Free ELearning Tools

    • Free eLearning Tools

  • 3

    ELearning Design Checklists and Worksheets

    • Is ELearning the Right Option?

    • Conducting Needs Analysis

    • Planning Your Learning Game

    • What Type of Job Aid

    • Quality Assurance Checklist

    • Implementation Phase Checklist

  • 4

    What's Next?

    • What's Next?